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Embrace our cutting-edge AI–driven speaking practice tool today. Ensure your school remains a pioneer in offering world-class language education. Revolutionize the way your students learn and practice new languages – all with just a phone call. Don’t just follow the future – Lead it. Let’s make history together in the realm of language learning. Your first step starts here – contact us to learn more!

Flexible Scheduling

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Student Engagement


Catered to individual student’s interest


Supported languages and more coming soon

Full Immersion

Trackable Progress

Beyond classrooms

A customized, dynamic, and responsive learning experience that supercharges your language curriculums

On-The-Go Speaking Practice:

We offer students immersive speaking practice through phone calls, giving them the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere, breaking down the constraints of classroom boundaries.

Customized Conversations:

Our AI systematically adjusts the difficulty level to match individual competencies and interests, ensuring an engaging and student-friendly learning curve.

Mastering Accents & Dialects:

Our AI is well-versed in a wide array of accents and dialects. This provides students with a valuable opportunity to learn how to understand and communicate effectively with a diverse range of native speakers.

Lifelike Speaking Experience:

Our innovative AI aims to elevate speaking practice by simulating real-world interactions. These aren’t standard robotic tones but dynamic, warm conversations that stimulate language practice and enhance the learning experience.

Email & Web Transcripts:

To aid in continuous learning and keep track of progress, our system provides transcripts of each phone conversation. These can be accessed via email or our web portal, allowing both students and educators to review, reflect and improve upon the speaking practice sessions.

Partner with us to revolutionize the world of language education

Make an impact and introduce a new dimension of language learning to your institution. Let’s work together to prepare your students for global conversations in an increasingly connected world. Join us in this linguistic revolution and try out our AI-powered language learning system today!

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